Too Much Is Just Never Enough

I don’t get why people think that they can throw everything on my shoulders and think that I will just handle it. Maybe because I’ve always put on a front that I can handle any and everything. Or maybe because there has never been one person that has let me fall on them, and they actually catch me. Whichever it is……….I can’t anymore.

How in the world am I supposed to hold down my job, bills, kids, a household, all my mental incapacitates AND everyone else’s shit? Why do I have to point out to anyone that it is TOO much? When is it time for anyone else to think “hey I probably shouldn’t say or do this to her cuz this might be the last straw”. Thinking that leads me to believe that no one really gives a fuck about me or anything that I go through. I believe that I should be surrounded by people that respect my struggle as I would accept theirs. But no. All I say and do is wrong. No matter the situation. It’s never good enough and I am always the reason that it fails.

You know I can accept my fails, my responsibilities and my decisions without blaming anyone else. Why the hell can’t everyone that “cares’ do the same? Why am I the blame for another adults actions? Like how?????????? Then I am the bad one when I need to escape. I have absolutely nothing left to give.


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